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Kansas Interfaith Action is a statewide, multi-faith issue-advocacy organization that "puts faith into action” by educating, engaging and advocating on behalf of people of faith and the public regarding critical social, economic, and climate justice issues.

KIFA (pronounced "KEE-fa") supporters are shaped by the values of our diverse faiths, which connect us to an age-old concern for justice, peace, and human dignity. Rooted in faith, we join hands across difference to work for moral public policy in Kansas.

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    KIFA Annual Event 2019


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    Being Muslim in This Country

    Our dear friend (and former KIPL board member) Ahsan Latif wrote this beautiful piece in response to events over the weekend, but really in response to the past 18 years. We repost it with his permission. We encourage you to read it, really take it in, and join with us in building a future where people are accepted and valued and celebrated for who they are and the beauty they bring to the world.

    Being Muslim in this country is meeting someone new and having to drop clues that you aren’t a terrorist until they eventually see you as an American, then repeating that interaction for the rest of your life. 

    Being Muslim in this country is going to a Catholic school where entire classes are built around learning, discussing and eventually shrugging off the problematic verses in the Bible. But you are individually asked to stand at the front of your social studies class and answer for the “faults” of the Quran in questions from your indignant classmates. 

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    Legislative Update 4/8/19

    After several long days last week, the legislature adjourned on Friday. They are off until the 2-1/2-week veto session at the beginning of May. So it’s a good time for another update on the issues KIFA has been working on.  

    Medicaid Expansion. As you know, this cleared the House, only to meet continued stonewalling by Senate leadership. Gov. Kelly and Senate President Wagle held dueling press conferences, and three K-State students unfurled banners calling out obstructionist Senate and House leadership by name, in a nonviolent direct action that we applaud. If obstruction continues we expect there to be more actions like this. As the banners made clear, people’s lives are at stake.

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    KIFA Establishes Partnership with ELCA

    Lawrence, KS (March 19, 2019) — Kansas Interfaith Action (KIFA) today announced an affiliation with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), by action taken by the Central States Synod Council on March 16, 2019, to endorse KIFA as a state public policy office (SPPO) of the ELCA.

    ELCA Advocacy has 16 SPPOs in more than 16 states throughout the country, focused on developing and advocating for legislative priorities on the state level. Some are Lutheran offices, and some are ecumenical or interfaith organizations already doing the work in those states. This is the case with KIFA.

    “We are very excited about our partnership with ELCA,” said Rabbi Moti Rieber, executive director of KIFA. “ELCA is doing important advocacy work throughout the country, providing an important moral voice grounded in deep commitment to faith, and we are pleased to be part of it. This partnership will make KIFA part of a network of advocates throughout the country. We also believe that this will help strengthen our outreach to Lutherans throughout Kansas, as well as to other denominations.”

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