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Kansas Interfaith Action is a statewide, multi-faith issue-advocacy organization that "puts faith into action” by educating, engaging and advocating on behalf of people of faith and the public regarding critical social, economic, and climate justice issues.

KIFA (pronounced "KEE-fa") supporters are shaped by the values of our diverse faiths, which connect us to an age-old concern for justice, peace, and human dignity. Rooted in faith, we join hands across difference to work for moral public policy in Kansas.

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    March for Our Lives Events in Kansas

    We are greatly heartened by the activism of the young survivors of the Parkland massacre and the energizing effect it is having on "gunsense" efforts throughout the country -- although of course angered and saddened by the fact that it takes endless numbers of these (preventable!) tragedies to get the needle moving on this issue at all. 

    On this coming Saturday, March 24, many "March for Our Lives" events will be held throughout the country, including a big one in Washington, DC, and several here in Kansas. We want to make sure you're aware of these. 

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    Legislative Update 3 - Clean Energy

    A couple of hearings coming up in Senate Utilities:

    SB 347 will establish goals for energy efficiency in Kansas. It's been an endless source of frustration for climate activists that Kansas still does not have meaningful energy efficiency policies. The state consistently ranks in the very bottom of state rankings in energy efficiency. We have often said, “the cheapest watt and the cleanest watt is the watt you don't use” and this bill is our latest attempt to get this idea put into legislation.

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    Legislative Update 2 - Guns

    Yesterday in the House there were 2 bills related to guns:

    The first, HB 2042, was yet another gun-law-loosening bill, this one instituting so-called concealed carry reciprocity between states, meaning that if someone has a carry permit in another state they are allowed to carry in Kansas. This was basically a tactic to get the carry age in Kansas lowered to 18, because the next step from allowing 18 year olds from other states to carry in Kansas was: if they can do it there why can't they do it here?

    There were a couple of interesting amendments. Rep. Ballard proposed an amendment rolling back concealed carry on college and university campuses. This was the discussion we wanted last year. The amendment failed, unfortunately.

    Rep. Aurand, who is pretty conservative, then proposed an amendment to require concealed-carry permitting for anyone, of any age, carrying on a college campus. The amendment passed fairly handily, meaning there were some legislators who voted for this one who had opposed the Ballard amendment.

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    Legislative Update 2/2/18 - Medicaid

    1) KanCare 2.0

    KanCare is the “not ready for prime time” reboot of the Kansas' privatized Medicaid program. It includes work requirements and lifetime limits on coverage, both of which KIFA strongly opposes. It also doesn't address some of the significant problems with the already-existing KanCare program. I refer you to last week's email for a fuller explanation.

    Then-Gov. Brownback's administration applied to federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for approval of the new plan. We submitted comments opposing the application. Brownback then released a press statement saying that Kansas was postponing the implementation of KanCare 2.0. However, the application is still on the CMS website, so exactly what it is they're withdrawing or postponing isn't clear.

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