Urge Sen. Moran to vote NO! on Trumpcare

In the next few days, the Senate is expected to vote on a dangerous bill that would strip health care away from hard-working Kansans and families across the country -- all for the sake of giving tax breaks to the wealthy.

If this becomes law, millions of Americans will lose critical health care coverage, and the impact on people’s lives would be catastrophic.

Sen. Moran claims to be undecided on the bill. So we need you to call his office and get his phone ringing off the hook. If you get the voicemail, leave a message. We need to do everything in our power to make sure he votes NO.

Here are his offices. Call him today or whenever your can. The future of Kansas depends on it.

Hays 785-628-6401
Manhattan 785-539-8973
Olathe 913-393-0711
Pittsburg 620-232-2286
Wichita 316-631-1410

On Tuesday, June 27, the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas will be holding an all-day "Stop the Senate" call-in day. To sign up to take part, click here

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