KIFA Board Chair Gives Senate Invocation

Rev. Sarah Oglesby-Dunegan, chair of the board of Kansas Interfaith Action and minister at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Topeka, gave the opening invocation at the session of the Kansas Senate on Thursday, February 7, 2019. Here are her words:

Spirit of Life and Love, God of many names and no name at all; Here in this, the People’s House, Be with this body of leaders as they endeavor to serve communities across our state; Guide each heart and mind in making decisions that create sustainable communities with access to the resources of life and liberty for all;

Guide each to build capacity and collaborate across differences, challenges and complexity; Be with the people of Kansas, whose lives are impacted everyday by the decisions made here and whose voices are seldom heard here--teachers and children and youth in our schools and in programs like foster care and juvenile services; low wage workers struggling for adequate housing and healthcare; families in our domestic violence and homeless shelters; disabled people and the elderly; men and women serving time in jail or prison; military personnel and veterans; immigrants working and contributing to our communities;

Walk with us in our discernment and guide us to listen and make careful decisions for the good of all people and places in this state; guide these leaders and the many people who enter this building to look less for personal gain or expediency and endeavor instead for accountability and transparency; to define the bottom line by more than money--to define it by the level of access and opportunity for all.  May we be a blessing to one another and this state of Kansas as You, Spirit of Life, have been a Blessing to us. Although we pray with different names for the Holy, let our hearts be connected in unified purpose for the common good. May it ever be so, Amen.


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