Oppose HB 2612 - "Refugee Absorption"

Updated March 8 - HB 2612, "The Refugee Absorption Capacity Act," made it through committee and could be brought to the floor of the Kansas House at any time. Intended to restrict, via legislation, the resettlement of refugees, it would unnecessary and burdensome restrictions on resettlement in communities around our state. You can read an article about the bill here, KIFA's testimony against the bill here, and the bill itself here

KIFA opposes this bill. Scripture of course couldn't be more clear about our responsibility to give comfort to "the stranger, for you yourself were strangers in the land of Egypt." Based on that, virtually every denomination has made statements opposing limitations such as those we see in this bill. A small sample: Catholic   United Methodist    Episcopalian      Jewish (Reform)   and a joint statement including Presbyterians, UCC, Quakers and Mennonites 

We encourage our supporters to reach out to your legislator to ask them to vote against the bill, should it receive a vote. You can figure out who your legislator is, click here and enter your home address. Click their name to get their email and office phone number. We're focusing on your Representative here. 

The talking points to use are

1) the "faith piece" - that our faiths direct us to care for the stranger, and that our denominations virtually unilaterally support refugee resettlement and oppose efforts to artificially limit it,

2) that immigration policy is the prerogative of the Federal government and so this legislation is likely illegal (might give cover to some legislators), and

3) enforcement of this legislation would cost almost $1 million, not affordable when the state is broke. We can also note that many congregations are eager to sponsor the resettlement of refugee families. 

Thank you very much for your help!

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