KIFA Condemns Pres. Trump's Anti-Muslim Tweets

Kansas Interfaith Action condemns in the strongest possible terms the anti-Muslim hate tweets sent out by President Trump yesterday.

It appears that the videos retweeted by the president were either falsified or were cherry-picked from multiple years and multiple countries. But that shouldn't even matter. Sending out such images is a vile act, not worthy of the office of president. We can well imagine an autocratic leader of another country tweeting the worse possible images of Jews or Christians, and we would condemn them. What we could never imagine, before this year, is the president of the United States doing such a thing.  

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Expand AND FIX KanCare

Kansas is one of the only states in the nation that has completely privatized Medicaid services, and like all of Gov. Brownback's policies, it's been a disaster. In January 2017 the federal government refused to certify renewal of the program, calling it “substantively out of compliance with Federal statutes and regulations." Complaints included "a lack of engagement and adversarial communication from the State." This key quote from the article says it all: “We had a system that worked, and we wrecked it.”  

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Another Day, Another Mass Shooting

Another day, another mass shooting.

It's hard to know what to say about this that hasn't been said a hundred times already. Rev. Daniel N DiNardo, of Galveston-Houston, President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), said it best:

This incomprehensibly tragic event joins an ever-growing list of mass shootings, some of which were also at Churches while people were worshipping and at prayer.  We must come to the firm determination that there is a fundamental problem in our society. A Culture of Life cannot tolerate, and must prevent, senseless gun violence in all its forms. May the Lord, who Himself is Peace, send us His Spirit of charity and nonviolence to nurture His peace among us all.

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This is a longer version of a letter to the editor, written by our Board Chair, Rev. Sarah Oglesby-Dunegan, that was submitted to the Topeka Capital-Journal. 

This weekend my family visited a local area farm to enjoy their many fall activities. While the activities were fun, we noted a moment that disturbed and underscored the challenges we have in addressing systemic racism and its consequences for people of color in our state. Most of the families that day were white, and we noticed that when volunteer kids were asked for to help with the pig races, a black family in front of us was initially overlooked and then the young man leading this activity chose to not even acknowledge the area that family was in -- he actually had to intentionally choose not to look our way so as to not “notice” the children in this family who wanted to be picked. 

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Reb Moti Honored by Crescent Peace Society

Rabbi Moti Rieber, accepted the 2017 Community Outreach award recognizing him for his work as Executive Director of Kansas Interfaith Action. This past year Reb Moti helped to organize "Stand With Your Muslim Neighbor's Day" in Topeka where Muslims and non-Muslims held a rally and met with legislators. Kansas Interfaith Action does incredible work advocating for social, economic and climate justice.


The event took place on August 21, 2017 in Overland Park. 


KIFA Condemns Decision to Dismantle DACA; Urges Congress: Restore the Dream!

Lawrence, KS (September 5) — Kansas Interfaith Action, a statewide, faith-based advocacy organization, condemns in the strongest possible terms the decision of President Trump to eliminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

“The decision to dismantle the DACA program is an affront to basic human decency,” said Rabbi Moti Rieber, executive director of KIFA. “The major religious traditions teach us to welcome the stranger and to treat people fairly. This decision runs directly counter to those teachings. It harms not only the people directly involved, but frankly, the very soul of our nation.”


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Urge Sen. Moran to vote NO! on Trumpcare

In the next few days, the Senate is expected to vote on a dangerous bill that would strip health care away from hard-working Kansans and families across the country -- all for the sake of giving tax breaks to the wealthy.

If this becomes law, millions of Americans will lose critical health care coverage, and the impact on people’s lives would be catastrophic.

Sen. Moran claims to be undecided on the bill. So we need you to call his office and get his phone ringing off the hook. If you get the voicemail, leave a message. We need to do everything in our power to make sure he votes NO.

Here are his offices. Call him today or whenever your can. The future of Kansas depends on it.

Hays 785-628-6401
Manhattan 785-539-8973
Olathe 913-393-0711
Pittsburg 620-232-2286
Wichita 316-631-1410

On Tuesday, June 27, the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas will be holding an all-day "Stop the Senate" call-in day. To sign up to take part, click here

2017 Legislative Session Wrap-up

The mood in this year's legislative session was like a reverse bell curve: very high expectations early, a lot of frustration in the middle, and then a great sense of accomplishment at the end. 

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KIFA 2017 Annual Dinner

KIFA_Annual_Dinner_2017.jpgOur 2017 banquet took place on Tuesday, May 23, at Temple Beth Sholom in Topeka. More than 100 people attended, making it our best annual event yet.

Our keynote speaker was Sister Simone Campbell, founder and executive director of NETWORK LOBBY and the original "Nun on the Bus." Prior to the dinner we held a meet-and-greet with sponsors, award winners, board members and Sr. Simone.

It was a delight and honor to be able to ask Sr. Simone about how she puts her faith into action and receive her advice on how we can continue with our work in Kansas. She clearly has a keen interest in our state.

Click through the photo album/slideshow below. Or click here to check out the photos from the dinner and program.

Kansas People's Agenda Tells the Legislature: Time's Up! Fix the Problems!

The Kansas People’s Agenda (of which KIFA is a constituent part) held a press conference on Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 12:00 noon at the Kansas State Capitol in Room 118-N to tell lawmakers “Time’s Up! Fix the Problems!”

Even after over 100 days of the 2017 legislative session, the four most urgent issues facing our state remain to be addressed:

  • Revenue policy that meets budget needs without endlessly increasing debt and stealing from retirement plans and highways funds, and that restores fiscal responsibility through equitable taxation,
  • A school funding formula that will fund our schools adequately and equitably and that will pass constitutional scrutiny,
  • Medicaid expansion that will support the health needs of the nearly 150,000 low-income people currently uninsured, and will assure access to health care in rural areas without bankrupting rural communities, and
  • Uphold the exemption from concealed carry for public college and university campuses, and state hospitals and community mental health centers, avoiding burdensome and unnecessary costs as well increased risks which would come otherwise.
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