KIFA Stands with Standing Rock

Many of us have been following with great interest the resistance of Native Americans in North Dakota to the Dakota Access Pipeline. For the crime of defending their lands and waters - not to mention the climate of all of us -- the camp at Standing Rock has been met with militarized policing in the service of private gain. All over the world - in the forests of Brazil, in the boreal forests of Canada, and here, in the Indian lands of North Dakota - it is only the bravery of indigenous peoples that is holding back the continued development of fossil infrastructure that is literally killing our planet. 

There are many ways that we here in Kansas can help the Water Protectors of Standing Rock. They need money, supplies and political support. Here's a graphic that describes how you can help:


Also, of course, as people of faith it is important that we support these efforts in our communities of faith as well. We encourage you to raise up the names of the Standing Rock water protectors in your services and in your prayers this weekend. We encourage you to dedicate a reading or prayer to the Sioux of Standing Rock. And we encourage you to pray that our leaders will have the wisdom and foresight to stop the police violence against peaceful protesters, and to stop the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline. 

In solidarity and blessings. 

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