Kansas Religious Leaders Oppose More Welfare Changes

Reb Moti testified against a bill (HB 2600), to strengthen last years "welfare to work" bill. This led to a bit of a theological discussion with one of the members of the committee. And article on the hearing is found here: http://kcur.org/post/kansas-religious-leaders-oppose-more-welfare-changes#stream/0

Rieber said he and the other religious leaders in his group believe welfare legislation should not be punitive or impugn the human dignity of people in poverty. 

“I would put it to you that HB 2600, and actually its predecessor legislation as well, does not comport with these principles,” he said. “It does not address the causes of poverty, it does not help people get out of poverty and it presumes the bad intentions of people in need.”

Rep. Randy Powell, a Republican from Olathe, said he’s also a “man of faith” and urged Rieber to take a broader look at the Bible as a whole.

“I know the Apostle Paul in the New Testament, which is something you might not be referring to but it’s biblical also, he talks about if a man doesn’t work, let him not eat,” Powell said. “So from what I can read, what we’re looking at doing is just ensuring that we have proper stewardship.” ... 

Rieber quoted extensively from the United Methodist Church’s principles of welfare reform document and said he could provide the committee members with similar statements from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

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