Kansas People's Agenda Tells the Legislature: Time's Up! Fix the Problems!

The Kansas People’s Agenda (of which KIFA is a constituent part) held a press conference on Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 12:00 noon at the Kansas State Capitol in Room 118-N to tell lawmakers “Time’s Up! Fix the Problems!”

Even after over 100 days of the 2017 legislative session, the four most urgent issues facing our state remain to be addressed:

  • Revenue policy that meets budget needs without endlessly increasing debt and stealing from retirement plans and highways funds, and that restores fiscal responsibility through equitable taxation,
  • A school funding formula that will fund our schools adequately and equitably and that will pass constitutional scrutiny,
  • Medicaid expansion that will support the health needs of the nearly 150,000 low-income people currently uninsured, and will assure access to health care in rural areas without bankrupting rural communities, and
  • Uphold the exemption from concealed carry for public college and university campuses, and state hospitals and community mental health centers, avoiding burdensome and unnecessary costs as well increased risks which would come otherwise.


Speakers addressed these issues and called on lawmakers to end the session with progress toward solutions instead of stalemates and half-measures, and to begin to move Kansas onto a path where growth, prosperity and safety are possible for all Kansans.

Speaker List:

School Funding 
Norine Spears, Parent Activist 
Ruth Goff, Public School Teacher 

Revenue Policy 
Sarah Coats, Social Worker
Robert Bausch, IBEW Local 

Medicaid Expansion: 
Brendan Beyer, Kansas Indivisible & consumer activist ; 
Alice Weingartner, safety-net clinic administrator; 
Sheldon Weisgrau, Alliance for a Healthy Kansas

#Fail Campus Carry: 
Prof. Ron Barrett of KU; 
Kwanequa Jones, president of Black Student Union at Washburn University

About 40 concerned Kansans joined us in the Capitol for this event. 

Many new legislators are in office because they promised to rescind Governor Brownback’s disastrous revenue policy and the havoc it’s brought to our state’s capacity to serve and support our citizens. Because of do-nothing legislative leadership and a governor who won’t admit his policies have failed, the lack of progress on vital issues takes us further into a future where our children and most vulnerable in our state are left to shoulder the consequences.

We have a moral obligation to speak out and to speak up. Every day we maintain these failed policies and neglect addressing these needs adds financial challenges and suffering to the most vulnerable in our state. Tell obstructive legislators that we expect more and will hold them accountable. Forward together, not one step back -- Time’s Up! Fix the Problems!

For more pictures of this event, click here

For a full video of the event, click here. 

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