Urge Sen. Moran to Support the Green Climate Fund

As people of faith, we are called to love our neighbors. In a time of global climate change, our neighbors are spread across the world, and the most impoverished people in the world live in places that are most affected by climate change -- severe weather events, rising sea levels and devastating droughts. Wealthy nations such as the United States led the way in filling the atmosphere with greenhouse gasses. Now, people living in poverty are paying the price. We have a moral obligation to address this legacy of harm.

The Green Climate Fund is a UN initiative that aids developing nations in limiting or reducing their greenhouse gas emissions while also adapting to the unavoidable impacts of climate change. Sen. Jerry Moran (R-KS) sits on the subcommittee that has oversight over this part of the budget. Please call on him to support fulfilling our nation’s $3 billion total commitment to supporting less-developed countries in their development of renewable energy resources and climate resilience.

Specifically, for Fiscal Year 2017, we are requesting Congress release the full $750 million proposed in the President's budget.

Dear Sen. Moran:

As your constituent, and as a member of the Kansas Interfaith Action community, I urge you to support the full United States commitment of $3 billion to the international Green Climate Fund, including the $750 million proposed in President Obama's Fiscal Year 2017 budget.

The Green Climate Fund was established to help less-developed countries, which are least responsible for causing climate change, and least economically able to cope with it, develop resources to help manage the damage caused by it. We need to show leadership on helping other nations reduce their own emissions and assisting the most vulnerable to cope with the impacts of climate change. By financing investments that help countries reduce carbon pollution and strengthen resilience to climate change, the Green Climate Fund will encourage other countries and private financiers to contribute to the fund also.

As a person rooted in faith, being a good steward of our God’s earth, lifting up the poorest among us at home and around the world, and seeking justice are my core values. Climate change is a real problem that requires a faithful, moral response. We are already seeing the dangers of rising sea levels, extreme weather, and disrupted ecosystems at home. We cannot fail our fellow nations with very little capacity to cope. I urge you to help the United States be a world leader in climate change adaptation and mitigation.

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