Four More "Faith and Public Policy Forums" Scheduled

As a faith-based public advocacy organization, Kansas Interfaith Action sees the decisions of government as having an important moral component. Public policy issues often have clear spiritual implications, and it is our role to spell those out and to help the public get good fact- and values-based information on the issues of the day. 

In this election season, KIFA will be holding four "Faith and Public Policy" issue forums at locations around the state, where experts in the issues of taxation and budget; assistance to the poor; healing the sick; and the safety of our university environments will make presentations. These will be non-partisan, facts-only events; we won't tell you who to vote for, but we will help you get the information you need to make educated, values-based decisions in the voting booth.

Dates and participants after the jump.  

Dates and locations of KIFA's "Faith and Public Policy Forums". All will begin at 7pm: 

Sunday, September 20
College Hill United Methodist Church 

Wednesday, September 28 
Fitzgerald Auditorium 
Kansas Wesleyan University 

Thursday, October 13 
Family Resource Center

Tuesday, October 18 
Sternberg Museum

Participants will represent the following agencies, speaking on the following topics: 

  • Tax and budget - Kansas Center for Economic Growth  
  • The effect of "welfare reform" on children - Kansas Action for Children 
  • KanCare (Medicaid) expansion - Alliance for a Healthy Kansas 
  • Conceal carry of firearms on college and university campuses - Kansans Against Campus Carry
  • Climate and Clean Energy - The Climate & Energy Project 

Presenters, and the organizations they represent, are subject to change. The full roster of presenters will be announced well before the events take place. 

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